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What To Expect During Your First Visit

Cary Sinus Patient InformationWake Sinus Center is led by board-certified otolaryngologist, Pankaj Gupta, MD, FACS. With more than 20 years of experience treating those with sinusitis and other sinus-related conditions, Dr. Gupta is one of the most experienced ear, nose and throat physicians in the Raleigh, North Carolina, area. This includes extensive training and experience in performing the breakthrough, minimally-invasive procedure, Balloon Sinuplasty, to permanently treat chronic and recurrent sinusitis.

Dr. Gupta’s single most important mission is to relieve your sinus suffering. During your consultation, he will conduct a complete evaluation—which typically includes imaging studies, patient histories, allergy testing, quality-of-life assessments, nasal endoscopy or cultures—and then recommend a personalized treatment plan to help you breathe easier and feel better.

Because Dr. Gupta focuses on nasal and sinus disorders, he is able to utilize multiple modalities to alleviate your symptoms. Combining the latest diagnostic and treatment methods with extensive aftercare, his comprehensive approach will provide you with an advanced and effective treatment regimen.

Wake Sinus Center requires that all patients bring a copy of their insurance card and driver’s license for any appointment. Minors must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

Is it Allergies or Sinusitis? How to Tell Before Your Visit

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